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Batting Partnerships

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1106 James Chamberlain - Joel Broadway Eynesbury Cricket Club Under 125 1 Melton
2102 Joshua Oldfield - Ryan Cran Eynesbury Cricket Club Under 14SF 1 Eynesbury Eagles Black
3102 Joshua Oldfield - Joshua Francis Eynesbury Cricket Club Under 145 1 Eynesbury Eagles Black
4123 Ryan Cran - Joshua Francis Eynesbury Cricket Club Under 141 1 Melton Centrals
5119 Jai Rowley - Bailey Pepi St Anthonys Cricket Club Under 12SF 1 Eynesbury Black
676 Jet Fox - Taine Powell Darley Cricket ClubUnder 145 1 Melton
740 Alex Kerr - Zac Ramsey St Anthonys Cricket Club Under 143 1 Eynesbury Eagles Green
833 Ryan Cran - Zach Micallef Eynesbury Cricket Club Under 146 1 Darley
929 Joshua Di Mieri - Charlie Borg Darley Cricket ClubUnder 146 1 Eynesbury Eagles Green
10No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     

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